Welcome to our couple travel blog

Hello & welcome to View The Globe.

We are Steffan and Jessica from Sydney, Australia and thank you for visiting our couple travel blog. We’ve known each other for over a year now and been dating around 7 months. During that time we have grown to realise that we both crave adventure and have a passion for travel. When we first met we found out we were both going to be in Europe at the same time in a few months. We met up in Belgium for Tomorrowland (we’re obsessed with festivals) which was unfortunately only for 3 days. Since returning to Australia we’ve been constantly going on road trips, day adventures and forever making excuses to get outside of the house.

We love exploring new places whether it’s in and around Sydney or on the other side of the world. Just about every time we upload a photo at a new spot, someone asks us where it is. Instead of replying to people individually all the time we thought we’d document all of our adventures online in a couple travel blog. At the end of the day, if no one finds it useful it’s also somewhere for us to look back at some of our best memories.

So if you somehow ended up on our travel blog we’d love you to view the globe with us and thank you for your time and support.


Steffan & Jessica