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Hello to everyone who managed to stumble upon our couple travel blog. We are Steffan and Jess from Sydney, Australia and we’re basically just your average couple sharing the our adventures online. We thought we’d describe each other because let’s be honest… talking about yourself in third person is just pretentious and awkward.


Jess about Steffan

Steffan is literally the funniest guy you will ever come across because you’re either laughing with him or at him. Straight off the bat I was so attracted to his care-free attitude and ability to make everyone in a room smile. More often than not you’ll find Steffan under the hood of a car whether it’s his Nissan Patrol or RX3. Usually in these situations I’m somewhere nearby with my Ray Bans on perving on him. When he’s not dealing with shit (he’s a plumber and I had to chuck that pun in there), he’s either fishing on a boat or at home looking after his fifteen snakes. Yep, that’s right I have to sleep in a bed knowing there’s fifteen snakes just down the stairs. When most people bushwalk they tend to stay away from snakes but Steffan’s always looking to find them. In case it wasn’t obvious, the guy loves the outdoors and loves to travel. When I first met him one of the first things he told me was ‘I’ve bought a one way ticket to Europe’, something I never in a million years would do but is second nature to him. He’s also incredibly good at taking photos which comes in handy when you’re a millennial girl obsessed with Instagram. Just an all-round great guy who’s really good at making me feel on top of the world while taking me all over the world.

Steffan about Jess

Jess is probably the most easy going person I’ve ever met. She is always so cool with doing whatever, even if it’s something to do with snakes (she’s not a big fan). She always makes the effort to make sure everyone around her is happy and everything is running smoothly. As you have probably read above, making plans and having my life in order really isn’t my thing. I love going with the flow whereas Jess is the queen of organisation and planning everything ahead. Which is good because there’ss always a list of amazing places we can go see that she’s looked up prior to getting to the destination. I was proud to witness Jess graduate her Bachelor of Business recently where she spend the last 4 years of her life studying what she loves. Jess spends most of her time on Instagram and social media which means when a photo is needed I’m the designated photographer more than 95% of the time. Even though we have completely different hobbies, travel is one of our common passions. Although occasionally you’ll find us watching Netflix we both struggle to be indoors for too long and will find any excuse to go explore new places.