How to get to Erskine Falls in Lorne, Victoria

erskine falls

Erskine Falls in Lorne, Victoria, is one waterfall you don’t want to miss out on and it’s super easy to get to especially if you’re already driving along The Great Ocean Road. We had road-tripped from Sydney to Princeton to see The Twelve Apostles and on the way back we drove through the beautiful town of Lorne. We camped at the Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park which between us cost $45. It was right next to the beach and town which had all the right vibes going on for a weekend away. The beach was stunning and the strip of shops and cafes was absolutely perfect for a romantic or just relaxing getaway.

How to get to Erskine Falls

We’d seen Erskine Falls (as usual) on Instagram and thought seeing as we were so close we may as well check it out. It’s located in the Great Otway National Park which has many beautiful natural sites to see if you have more time. Google informed us that it was just a 200m walk from the car park so all we had to do was put Erskine Falls into maps and it basically took us right there. From Lorne it was about a 10 minute drive to Erskine Falls. We parked up and walked down the track. About 80m in there’s a small lookout where you can see Erskine Falls from side on which will get you some nice shots.

erskine falls


Then if you make your way further down you can get right to the bottom of the falls. Where the fence is you can see it perfectly and get some awesome shots. However, if you like to live life on the edge like Steffan and I never fail to do, it’s quite easy to jump the fence and walk across the water to amplify the whole experience even more.

erskine falls


Drive: 10 minute drive from Lorne
Parking: If you put Erskine Falls into maps on your phone it will take you straight to the carpark
Walk: 2 minutes

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to get to Erskine Falls in the Great Otway National Park, check out more of our Victoria adventures here.


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