How we did Rome in one and a half days

how we did rome in 1.5 days

The time has finally come to venture out on our summer Europe trip. Over the next 6 weeks we will be travelling to 6 countries and our first stop… Rome, Italy. Steffan has been before and wasn’t too keen to go back but there’s no way I was living life without getting my Colosseum pic.

From the get to, we had dramas.

As we were only there for 2 days I booked a hotel that was 20 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the town. Bad mistake.
Each 20 minute taxi ride cost 50 euros ($75 AUD). So don’t follow in our footsteps, stay near the town so you can catch the train straight there.

We left everything at the hotel but as we couldn’t check in yet we thought we’d go straight into town. To save money we caught a bus and a train which took well over an hour. We hired a Vespa which would then allow us to go wherever we wanted. Hiring a Vespa is one of the best things you can do, as you can ride around and see all of the architecture and take in the atmosphere.

how we did rome in one and a half days

As we were so tired we ended up going back to our hotel around 2pm. We laid on the bed and literally closed our eyes for a second, next thing you know it’s 3am. We hadn’t even realised how jet-lagged we were and woke up pretty annoyed that we wasted the whole day.

We laid around for a bit but cause we’d slept for so long there was no chance we were going back to sleep. We decided we may as well go into the city now and do some site-seeing. We ended up getting there at around 5 in the morning and the place was a ghost town. It ended up being the best thing that could happen to us because it was just us and a few other early birds at the Trevi Fountain. That meant we got the best photos and could take as long as we wanted to.

Fun Fact: You can’t sit on the edge of the fountain. They have guards there with whistles and if anyone tries to sit on the edge you will definitely hear about it.

Next stop… the Pantheon.

how we did rome in two and a half days

Once again it was absolutely empty here. The columns were so breath-taking and we were also able to get some great photos from the outside. It didn’t open until later but we unfortunately did not have time to come back.

And finally… the Colosseum.

how we did rome in one and a half days

Steffan already has, but I can finally tick this one off my bucket list. It was exactly what I imagined and more except with literally a million other tourists there also. It was a scorcher of a day and the queue to get in was ridiculous so we just admired from the outside. The fact that it was so ‘touristy’ kind of ruined it for me and there’s people trying to sell you random things everywhere. Other than that, if you love your history it’s definitely a must-see.

We returned our Vespa and walked to the station and of course, just our luck, all of the public transport decided to go on strike that day. The Ubers were already expensive enough as it is but because of the strike there were surcharges on top. We ended up paying $100 for a 20 minute ride back to our hotel. Pretty frustrating to have to spend so much right at the start of our trip.


  • Get to any of the sites early if you want to get nice photos
  • Stay in or near the town as taxis are super expensive.
  • Hire a vespa or something similar.
  • Eat ice cream – it’s so good everywhere.
  • Pizza doesn’t come cut up and a lot of them don’t come with meat so you have to ask to add it.
  • Don’t order a hamburger because this is what you’ll get. (we both couldn’t stop laughing)

how we did rome in one and a half days

We hope you enjoyed our story on how we did Rome in 1.5 days. Check out some of our other Europe adventures here.

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