How to get to Belmore Falls – Morton National Park

belmore falls

We weren’t too sure exactly how to get to Belmore Falls in Morton National Park but thanks to Google and a really cool chick we met along our way we found it. We’ve been to quite a few waterfalls in NSW but by far, Belmore Falls is now at the top of our favourite list. Poking your head out to witness the insane drop from the top of the waterfall will literally give you goosebumps.

How to get to Belmore Falls

It’s about a 1 hour 45 minute drive from Sydney. We just put Belmore Falls Road, Wildes Meadow into maps, followed it all the way to the end and it took us straight there. Make sure you do this before you lose reception because as we started to get close we had hardly any service.¬†Eventually you’ll get to a small crossing with water running over it that you’ll have to drive your car over. Park near here to get to the top of Belmore Falls.

belmore falls
Once you drive over this, park your car to get to the top of Belmore Falls.

You’ll also want to trek your way down to the bottom of Belmore Falls to experience the unreal rainforest-like surroundings and admire the falls dropping down from below. Drive around to Hindmarsh Lookout Carpark and park there. You’ll see a barbed wire fence which you will need to jump over and a sign that says ‘No access past this point.’

belmore falls
This is the fence you will have to jump to get to the bottom of Belmore Falls.

After you’ve jumped the fence keep walking straight then¬†take a sharp left turn. If you don’t you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere like some other adventurers we bumped into told us happened to them. Continue through the track for about half an hour to get to the bottom of Belmore Falls. Bear in mind the track as you get further down it becomes quite muddy and slippery so be careful. Don’t fall over and ruin your pants like Steffan did. It also gets super cold we should’ve known but didn’t prepare for. It felt like our hands were going to fall off. Then again, it may also just be us Aussies complaining about any bit of cold.


Drive: 1 hour 45 mins from Sydney
Parking: Park at Hindmarsh Lookour Carpark (also we read online beforehand you would have to pay but there was nowhere to take our money.)
Walk: Jump the fence and walk for 30 minutes to get to the bottom of Belmore Falls


  • After you jump the fence don’t miss the sharp left turn to the left
  • Wear warmer clothes that you don’t mind getting mud on
  • Wear shoes with decent grip that you could walk across water in

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to get to Belmore Falls in Morton National Park. Check out some of our other NSW adventures here.


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