Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay adventure

booderee national park

Finally a long weekend for us to go adventuring and the NSW weather decides to play games with us. We had plans with our friends Jess and Matt to head off on Friday afternoon and stay the night at Nowra (2.5 hr drive). That almost didn’t happen because it was pissing down but we decided to soldier on and still make an adventure out of it.

We spent the night at Nowra and just camped in a rest area. The rain was on and off throughout the night but we woke up to sunshine. It was still freezing and would sprinkle occasionally but we were just happy that the rain didn’t completely wreck our plans. In the morning we made our way to Jervis Bay to go to the Booderee National Park (15 min drive). Entry cost per car is $11 which lasts 48 hours.

Cape St George Lighthouse

The first thing we visited was the old lighthouse. Any history lovers will love the ruins although everything is fenced off (for obvious reasons) so you have to look at everything from a bit further away. The walk there is super short and there’s also a nice lookout for photos.

Green Patch

Steffan used to go here as a kid and mentioned there’s heaps of birds to see so brought us there. He wasn’t lying because we saw parrots, rosellas and even the cutest kookaburras. They were so friendly, if you held your palm out with a bit of food they’d come and land on you. We walked around to the beach and unexpectedly there was a bunch of kangaroos just laying there. They were also super friendly and we were able to feed them as well. This is also an ideal spot to camp or have a BBQ.

booderee national park

Murray’s Beach

We then drove to Murray’s beach which was about 4KM from Green Patch. Like all other beaches in the area, the sand was white as snow. It was a shame it wasn’t warmer because this would have been the perfect spot to go for a dip. Regardless, it was beautiful to walk across and hangout for a while.


Drive: 2hr 45min drive from Sydney
Parking: $11 entry fee for 48 hours, make sure you display your ticket
Walk: There’s a few walks you can do. Check out the website here.


Bring a bit of food (we crushed up some biscuits) to feed the birds and kangaroos at Green Patch.

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