Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge

hawkesbury river railway bridge

If you’re from Sydney and ever ventured up to the Central Coast, you’ve probably gone over the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge AKA Mooney Mooney Bridge AKA Brooklyn Bridge. Steffan and I have driven over it a thousand times and once more yesterday as we were travelling to Erina Heights for a reptile expo (This is a regular thing for us). As we drove over the bridge Snapchatting away, we thought surely there’s a way to get to the top and look down over it.

We went to the expo but thought on the way back, why not give it a go. As we were driving back towards Sydney we had to exit after the bridge and U-Turn to be on the side of the road that goes towards the Central Coast. After that we exited onto a safety ramp and drove all the way to the top. For some reason I had no sense of direction and thought the bridge was way closer than it was. There was also no track so we had to make our own. The amount of scratches I got was ridiculous plus at one point I full stacked it to the ground. Not to mention, the irony that we just came from a reptile expo but I was terrified that we’d bump into some snakes.

We literally just stopped for a minute and spoke about what direction we were going to take because it seemed so far. We were a bit scared we were going to get lost and I asked Steffan if he wanted to turn back but he said there was no way in the world. We conflicted about whether we should climb up or down and decided to go up. It was a bit tricky because there was heaps of trees and rocks. I then heard Steffan yell, ‘There’s a track” and pretty much just thought “Thank goodness.”

It must’ve been a track for when there’s fires although I don’t think our car would have had access to it. It was so much easier to walk and pretty much took us straight to the edge where we could look down. The view was without a doubt worth every scratch. To your left the sun was glimmering down on the water and boats speeding under the bridge to your right. Cars literally looked like ants racing over the bridge which was crazy as we had just come from being one of them. It was such a peaceful spot and we got as many photos as possible.

The walk back was a lot easier as we followed the track back but then had to bush-walk again. Typical – we took a wrong turn again and had to climb down these huge rocks. Steffan got down first and he helped me down but my foot got stuck and my armpit landed on a huge stick and I scratched my hand. We eventually made it back to the car and all the blood, sweat (and luckily no tears) was definitely worth it.


Drive: 1 hour from Sydney
Parking: Safety exit before the bridge driving away from Sydney
Walk: 20 minutes (shorter if you know the way)


Bring water (because we didn’t) and walk to the top to find the track.

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